ASL Coffee (open to all) before DNO SF Deaf Night Out

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August 5, 2017 @ 8:15 pm – 11:45 pm

DNO Sat. July 8 with various community co-hosts
two places 6:30pm-11:30pm…?
FREE if you show ‘ily’ at door.

DNO for Deaf, hoh & ASL Allies

6:30-745pm @Peets for ASL Coffee Meetup (earlier under 21 & basic ASL Students meet at coffee shop)

8-11:45pm @Lookout for DNO & ASL Epic show
(not for basic level hearing students; sorry read below)

6:30pm Peets Coffee, 2257 Market Street, SF Castro
for all levels of students welcome (hearing ASL students read national DNO policy on FB)

8pm SF DNO & ASL Epic Show
at ‘Lookout’ bar & pizza place in ‘Video Lounge’.
in Castro 3600 16th X Market BART to MUNI easy..
FREE if show ILY at door
(easy BART to Bus in Castro Area)

9:00pm-SHOW: ASL Epic Open Show (all ASL performers welcome) ASL Jokes, Stories…
& DANCING: Beats of Club ‘Bounce’

COST: Door charge free if you give ‘illy’! But, do buy at least one drink even if it is Coke.

TRAVEL: from any downtown BART take MUNI ‘F’ line or any underground K, L, M and then walk 2 blocks.

From National DNO: ‘Our goal is to provide you with good times, good folks, and good cheer in good places. To do that we organize Deaf Night Out.’

DNO is a regular event 1st Saturdays in SF (except when other community event) for the Deaf & signing communities. Deaf adults, interpreters, signing students(level 3 and above), and the merely curious are all welcome.

We work with network of DNO-Bay Area, DNO-South Bay, DNO-East Bay event hosts that work together to meet a common standard and provide a setting where we can all be welcomed.

So check your attitude at the door, let your hair down and your hands fly. Young and old; tall and short; fat and thin; come one, come all and celebrate the richness and diversity of your fabulous community!


Please offer your seat or space to Deaf or hard of hearing people.
‘Make room at the table’ or offer your seat.

*Deaf Night Out & ASL Epic is a space reserved for ASL ONLY. It is reserved for Deaf, Deaf Blind, and hard of hearing. We ask you to be respectful of the space we desperately need.”


We live in a hearing world 24/7 and we need a space where we can just be ourselves. With this in mind, no voicing unless by interpreter. Absolutely NO VOICING during chat or social times. ASL Allies are welcome but, if you come to social do not expect people to slow down their signing. Asking for clarification is ok.
But, if you still don’t understand after continued clarification then sit back and absorb and don’t interrupt conversations. ASL Allies please continue to help us build a safe and fun space (e.g.: hearing ASL students, hearing partners or hearing interpreters)! Thank you for your understanding and support!*

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